Home of QIAGEN’s sexual and reproductive health portfolio.

This portfolio includes the world’s leading ROM test, a newly FDA-approved preterm labor assessment test, and the gold standard HPV test.

Maternal/Fetal Assessment

QIAGEN offers solutions for expecting mothers and healthcare workers who want assurance and peace of mind.

Assess the risk of preterm labor with PartoSure.

Use AmniSure to help detect rupture of fetal membranes.

Cervical Cancer Screening

QIAGEN is dedicated to cervical cancer screening solutions.

Register for our International HPV Awareness Day webinar on March 4th.

Rely on the gold standard, digene HC2.

Screen every woman with careHPV.

Evaluate your risk with QIAsure.

Gain menu and flexibility with QIAscreen.

STI Testing

Provide timely and accurate diagnoses for your patients with QIAGEN’s STI menu.

Act quickly with your artus CTNG results.

Obtain certainty with artus T. vaginalis.

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